DaYan GuHong 3x3 M

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Fast and Quiet

Very good , very light cube. It is well lubed and very quiet straight from the box, and will need a wipe down as other users have commented on. For me it was way too loose out of the box, but with a few adjustments it transformed the cube from an ok cube into a great cube. Shame there aren't any un-stickered versions currently available as i prefer these to stickered cubes.

Dayan Guhong M

A nice puzzle.Very greasy ootb with lube all over it.A nice size for OH at 54mm.A nice magnet click and smooth turning,with AMAZING corner cutting better cutting than my main imo.I have to asy its very loose ootb and it has a cool swirly design on the corners inside(swirly lines) and something I havent said is the price,it is cheap enough for how good it is.This is a good cube overall and my OH main.

FC 3X3
A good OH cube

this is a decent cube for OH, at 54mm it is smaller than most 3x3s. I like this since I have small-ish hands, and I don't really want to pay so much for a GAN 354 V2. This is a good cube for those looking to get into OH and want a separate OH cube to use.

I have a YouTube video about this cube, linked here:

this explains my further thoughts about the cube

Cube enthusiast
superb stuff

This cube is a great budget cube that is great for beginners to intermediate (maybe not world champions or sub 10 solvers)
The thing that confuses me is that the description says "for those that enjoy smooth, quiet and reliable cubes" but I find that it's kind of high pitched (the cornercutting is very loud) and unless you're turning one layer, it's not the quietiest cube out there.
Also, the centrecaps seem a bit loose (one of them popped off when I was turning too roughly).
Overall, this is a great cube, it also comes with no extra stuff so you won't have to deal with crazy accessories. But I'd recommend waiting for newer budget cubes that are even better!
Thanks KewbzUK for their awesomeness :)

great for OH or normal 3x3

the first thing I have to say is that if you need a cube for OH and don't want to pay 'GAN 354' prices, this is another great option at 54mm.
if you're just getting into cubing and you want a reasonable cube without spending so much then this is good too. only thing I'd do before doing solves on it would be to use a cloth to wipe off the excess lube that comes on the cube (this could ruin your solving experience due to the slipperiness). great corner cutting while testing but not so much during normal turning as it feels. ootb it could also do with the screws being loosened a little bit with a screwdriver, since it feels quite tight. there is already factory lube in there, but if you want to you could add some of your own (I think martian and galaxy could be ideal for this cube).

overall a great performing cube but it needs a little bit of basic setting up to maximise its potential.