Cosmic Vortex by sCs


Cosmic Vortex by sCs

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Vortex is the ultimate core lubricant. Designed for metal to metal and metal to plastic contact, Vortex offers a huge performance boost and will drastically speed up your speed-cube! The thick formulation makes storage easy and mess free with no worries of any separation or expiration. If you get Vortex on your skin, clothing or any other surfaces don't worry -- it's stain free and cleans up easily. If applied following our directions, Vortex will last the life of your speedcube. That's a great investment if you ask us!

Tip: Combine Vortex with our Limited Edition Halloween lubricant, Jack O' Lantern for a sweet, pumpkin spice scent. You'll want to eat your cube!


 Speed - 10/10 Gummy - 0/10 Heavy - 9/10