Cosmic Martian by sCs


Cosmic Martian by sCs

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This silicone-based lubricant was designed for bigger cubes or enthusiasts who want a very fast feel.  Application is super easy -- just add 4-6 drops!  If you want a fast puzzle with a slight gummy, long lasting, feel this is for you.  Cosmic lubes also mixes great with our other Cosmic Speed Lubes!  Take the next step and enhance the performance of your puzzle! 

How to use: Simply add 4-6 drops!  Repeat until desired feel is achieved. 

Speed Gumminess Heaviness
9 / 10 5 / 10 2 / 10

WARNING: While MARTIAN is safe to handle and ingest, please refrain from doing so.  If MARTIAN gets in contact with your eyes, flush with lukewarm water for 30 minutes and contact a doctor if necessary.