What is a speed cube?

A speed cube is a type of puzzle that is designed to be solved as quickly as possible. It's a cube-shaped puzzle that features a multi-coloured grid that must be twisted in certain ways so that each side of the puzzle displays only one colour.

The most famous of these types of puzzles is the Rubik's Cube brand, however speed cubes are different, as they are made to be solved with speed in mind. Speed cubes are of a higher quality than regular cubes, and therefore twist more fluidly. This means they don't lock up when being twisted quickly, and don't have to be perfectly aligned to allowing twisting.

While regular cubes are built to challenge the user to think carefully about their moves and use logic, speed cubes are built for competition, and come in a wide variety of sizes, anywhere from a two by two grid to a five by five grid and bigger (some even go up to 22x22). The bigger the grid, the more challenging the competition becomes.

In addition, some cubes like the MoYu WeiLong GTS V3 M and the Valk 3 M feature magnets, which make the cube more stable and can help prevent overshooting your twists. In addition, the magnets add a bit of weight to the cube, and make a satisfying click sound. Though these cubes tend to cost a little more, the magnets can really help to speed up your game.

QiYi Valk 3 M

The Valk 3 M is the latest release (at time of writing this article) from QiYi/MoFangGe Toys. The Valk 3 M is a factory magnetised version of the original Valk 3 which was a huge hit during the last 3 years. The Valk 3 gives off a light magnetic feel and was produced by the renowned speed cuber Mats Valk.

This cube comes in Stickerless Bright or Black. It is approx. 5.6cm and 90g in weight.

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GAN 356 X numerical

The GAN 356 X is an all new GAN 3x3 speed cube with inter-changeable magnets, making this the perfect puzzle for those curious cubers still dabbling with magnetic cubes. This particular cube features the numerical IPG core and GAN tension nuts bringing more consistent elasticity. This cube also appeals to speed cubers because of its tune by hand system, no more tools needed.

This cube comes in Stickerless Bright or Black. It is approx. 5.6cm and 85g in weight.

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If you're interested in seeing what a competition standard speed cube can do for your solving times just visit our online store (don't forget to read some reviews of each puzzle to see what other cubers think first). Good luck and happy speedcubing!