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Pyraminx World Records...

The Pyraminx is just one of those puzzles that looks intimidating but is actually REALLY simple to solve. So much so that (at the time of writing) there are currently 203 people worldwide that can solve it in less that 2.0 seconds (information from the official WCA website).

The Pyraminx world record however is MUCH more impressive than that! (Continued Below).

QiYi X-Man Bell Pyraminx

The QiYi X-Man Bell Pyraminx has been used to set many Pyraminx world records across the globe (officially and un-officially). 
The X-Man Bell Magnetic Pyraminx was the first Pyraminx released under the X-Man brand and features a state of the art magnet positioning system.
Released back in 2018 it's still going strong as a best seller!

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Official Pyraminx World Record...

The Pyraminx world record has changed ALOT since the start of the 2003. Back then the world record for the Pyraminx was set by Andy Bellenir with a time of 14.09 seconds (single).

As of June 2019 the world record for the Pyraminx stands at 0.91 seconds (single) set by Dominik Gorny (Poland) and 1.86 seconds (average) set by Tymon Kolasinki (Poland).