If you are reading this I assume you are fairly new to cubing, or you may have just bought (or just be looking at buying) your first Rubik's Cube. Well, whatever the circumstances you are here to read about twisty puzzles and magic cubes.

In this short blog I am going to discuss how I started cubing, Why I wanted to start selling 'Kewbz' and how the idea came about...

How I started cubing...

From a very young age I have always had a Rubik's Cube. I had the original Cube in the clear round protective casing (if anybody can remember them). One day when I was about 6 years old I can remember my dad buying the book "You can do the cube" from our local car boot sale down in Chichester, West Sussex.

We started at about 8pm and didn't finish until roughly 2am, we may sound obsessed, or insane, but to me, that sense of achievement as the solved state grew closer and closer with every twist and turn was enough to keep me pushing through the hours, long into the night.

Armed with a few packets of quavers and monster munch we sat there, staring at this book, rotating the cube, analysing the colours, finding the corresponding algorithm and performing the sequence of twists which would ultimately solve one of the greatest puzzles of all time!

I'll tell you what, the sense of achievement and pride of seeing that puzzle cube sat in front of you, SOLVED, knowing that you had done it. Cor, that sure is incomparable. Well, especially when you're 6.

From there my life became more and more puzzle orientated day by day. We often made trips to 2 or 3 different car boot sales all over the local area on the same day to try and hunt down the next puzzle which would ease the sense of achievement I so desperately craved. By the time I was 9 my collection had turned from that 1 tiny 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube into a collection of more than 30.

Unfortunately, as the days twisted by and the puzzles became worn and old, so did the thrill, the sense of achievement that each one gave you. 

How KewbzUK Was born...

So, I was sat at home one day, on a day off from work. I get bored very quickly, I have to keep busy. It was a rainy old day and I decided to clean my room out and throw away anything which I did not need any more. Amongst the piles of old clothes and general kids toys which I had no need for I found my old original Rubik's cube (the same one as mentioned above) AND IT WAS STILL SOLVED.

I muddled it up and solved it as best as I could (I think I managed 2 layers but got stuck on the very last). I googled the solution and taught myself the beginners method. After a few days of twisting and turning this ancient puzzle I decided to take up a new challenge. I went onto eBay, Google, Amazon and every other website I could think of. Yet, I could still not find a decent puzzle which would be here before my next shift at work! I found a couple of different puzzles on some Chinese websites and decided that England just didn't have a very good selection of speed cubes readily available. It was from these few first thoughts that KewbzUK was born.