Meet the members of our exclusive Team Imperium

What is Team Imperium?

Team Imperium is a group of UK & European cubers who have stood out in recent years and become some of the biggest names in speed cubing on the continent. Many of our Team Imperium members have held (or currently hold) National Records or even Continental Records.

Our members cover all events, from 2x2 to 7x7, Clock to Square-1. We're so proud of all of our team and cannot wait to see them progress even further in the future.

meet the team

Harry Savage

All Rounder


Fabio Schwandt

All Rounder

Mains: 2x2 - Weipo
3x3 - MoYu WR M
4x4 - MoYu Aosu GTS2M
5x5 - QiYi Valk 5
6x6 - YJ MGC 6x6 M
7x7 - QiYi X-Man Spark 7M
Skewb - GAN Enhanced
Pyraminx - MoYu Pyraminx M
Clock - Custom Swiss LingAo
Megaminx - GAN
Square-1 - QiYi X-Man Volt V2 M

As of March 2021 Fabio has numerous NR's for skewb with his most recent average of 2.41.

Fabio also hold's NR's in 3-Blind with singles of 23.96 & 26.50.

Check out Fabio's full official stats here.​

Jacob Chambers

All Rounder

Mains: 2x2 - QiYi MS 3x3 - GAN 11 Pro M
4x4 - MpYu Aosu GTS2M
5x5 - MoYu AoChuang WR M
6x6 - YJ MGC 6x6 M
7x7 - QiYi X-Man Spark 7M
Clock - QiYi Magnetic
Skewb - GAN Skewb Enhanced
Megaminx - YJ YuHu V2M
Square-1 - QiYi X-Man Volt V2 M

As of March 2021 Jacob is NR holder in Clock with a single of 4.41 and 5.75 average which are both top 20 WR.

Check out Jacob's full official stats here.

Katie Davies


Mains: YJ YuHu V2 M

As of March 2021 Katie's unofficial PB is 33.05 with a 37.76 ao5.

Katie holds a NR2 with a 45.91 average.

Check out Katie's full official stats here.​

Bertie Longden


Mains: Thunderclap V1 (set up with Traxxas 50k, Silk & DNM-37).

As of March 2021 Bertie is current UK National champion for Multi-Blind and has won his last 8 competitions and podiumed in his last 15.

Bertie's official PB is 31/34 which places him 24th in the world. His unofficial (home) PB is 37/40.

Check out Bertie's full official stats here.​

Christopher Morris


Mains: MoYu WR M

As of March 2021 Christopher unofficial single PB is 14.40.

Christopher is currently NR1 for single and mean. As well as this he is WR25 for single.

Check out Christopher's full official stats here.

Sean Moran



Sam Jacklin

4x4 - 7x7


Steven Kearns



Daniel Tidsey



Naglis Peculis



Steven Waller