At KewbzUK we are very aware of the environmental crisis and are proud to be able to boast about all of our efforts to decrease our impact on the environment. We're always happy for suggestions and feedback to help us help the environment and reduce our carbon footprint as well. Check out how we help the environment below.

Packing Peanuts

From the start we have only used fully bio-degradable packing peanuts which are made from 100% starch. These can cost more than bubble wrap or other forms of plastic packaging. Please do bear this in mind when looking for the "cheapest cube stores".

Cardboard Boxes

Absolutely every one of our boxes are made from recycled cardboard by companies that also care about the environment. This may not seem that important to some people but it's all of the little factors over time that contribute to our goal.

Other Bits & Bobs

- We have our parcels collected by Royal Mail once per day to limit un-necessary carbon emissions. 

- Every month we recycle our empty ink cartridges with our ink supplier and use 100% recycled paper when we can.

 - Our supplier understands our needs to be eco-friendly and doesn't use bubble wrap or plastic packaging when shipping our orders.