3x3 Rubik's Cube shape mods

Forget your fidget spinners…. for the ultimate in sensory satisfaction, get your twisty fingers around these guys. We’re used to the smooth lines of the traditional Rubik’s cubes and the easy manipulation of today’s speed cubes so, let’s try something different...

Chosen from several available options at KewbzUK we start with the ShengShou 3x3 Mirror Cube. Showing the link for this one – the ShengShou Mirror - to a fellow fidget fan, the response was – “Wow, this is intense” – and it actually is!

This amazing puzzle transforms at a flick of the wrist into a mass of irregular sized cuboids. It takes a bit of time to get your head around it, let alone your fingers! The mirror is one of those….it compels you to finish it, aggravates you to the point where you put it down and try to walk away, but you can’t! That feeling when you solve it….wow! 

Available in a variety of metallic finishes and different brands this one is set to become one of this summer’s top picks.


For something quirkier, let’s take a look at this shape shifting cube – a shape modification of the original Rubik’s cube, with a twist! From the lighter end of the speed cube spectrum at 95g this, the DianSheng Axis – a seemingly humble cube - morphs into a myriad of coloured pyramids and shapes.

Looking fantastic in its altered state you might want to put it on your side and look at it rather than transform it back! So, we’ve started off with those puzzles that, at first glance, appear to be a conventional 3x3 cube – now let’s move on to something more visible as a shape modification.


Although all based on the Rubik’s Cube 3x3, these are noticeable straight away for their irregular shape. This is the 3x3 DianSheng Cylindrical puzzle, a 3x3 that, as the name suggests is a barrel shape spin on the traditional cube, using similar colours.
A fellow reviewer on KewbzUK has already commented that he “can solve the Rubik’s Cube and used the same sort of moves to figure out the solution to this one” he also stated that “this is a great puzzle” – we’re always happy to know that it’s both solvable and fun.


Getting further into the visible shape mod is the DianSheng 3x3 Kite Dipyramid. This, an almost diamond shape has 12 sides and features 6 different colours – they say if you can solve the Rubik’s Cube you can solve this? Maybe the complicated appearance of the dipyramid is deceptive? A very interesting looking twisty puzzle cube.


So we’ve gone from the traditional with a twist, looked through the obvious shape modifications and reached this, the absolute polar opposite of the traditional speed cubes BUT still classed as a 3x3! This one looks amazing, it’s the YongJun Apple, with smooth lines, and a funky shape and bright colour options (red or green) it’s pretty awesome!

The Apple has the same mechanism as the original 3x3’s but is harder to solve due to the rotating centre pieces of each face. Distinguishing the different cubies and where they need to go in the puzzle is a challenge in itself.

So, randomly ending on a fruit – I hope KewbzUK have given you food for thought on what is out there for you cube fanatics. Which one is worth a spin? Over to you...