X-Man Wingy Magnetic Skewb (Concave)

X-Man Wingy Magnetic Skewb (Concave)

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Stickerless Bright

The X-Man Wingy Magnetic Skewb is the all new skewb design from X-Man Designs and the very first wingy shaped skewb to be brought to market. The Wingy skewb features an adjustable magnet positioning system which allows the cuber to customise their cubing experience. The wingy design aids speed cubers with their grip and control.

Weight: 101g

Approx Size: 5.6cm x 5.6cm x 5.6cm

Available Colours: Black, Stickerless Bright

KewbzUK Official Skewb Notations Guide - Step by Step Guide - KewbzUK

All of our twisty puzzles & Rubik's Cubes are brand new. Due to the nature of these puzzles they may become loose after the first hour or so of playing/twisting. Don't be alarmed, most puzzles allow you to 'Re-Adjust' them and set them up exactly as you want them. Simply read our "How to adjust your cube" blog for instructions on how to do this.

Please Note: Not all puzzles allow adjusting.

Confused on how this puzzle works? Watch the video below for a quick preview.

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Customer Reviews

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Fast and stable

It is very stable and fast out of the box with a bit of added lubricant, but with the proper set up, I see why people rank this as the number on skewb. I would definitely recommend this puzzle to anyone who likes a fast, stable and crunchy or fast and smooth puzzle.

Easily the best skewb on the market!

This skewb is the favourite of many world class Cubers because of its luxurious hand feel due to its magnets. This cube is easily improved by some cosmic Martian lube that further increases the smoothness and elegance of this cube.

Incredible Skewb

It turns very well, corner cuts great, and sledge hammers are always fun to do. Really cheap as well!


This puzzle is definitely worth getting if you like skewb. For the price it is smooth and fast and nice feel to it for me the tensions were fine out of the box but unfortunately one of the centre squares piped however I believe this was my own fault for turning pretty roughly during a solve and no one I can find has had the same problem

Concave design helps

Fast and stable, the magnets lock the layers into place, which makes for a very tactile solve. The concave design makes skewb more fun, I think, because you can grip it better and excecute algorithms more comfortably.