GAN 354 M

GAN 354 M

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The GAN 354 is the all new 54mm magnetic speed cube released by GAN. Measuring only 54mm on all sides means this new miniature 3x3 is perfect for one handed solves or cubers with smaller hands. Out of the box this puzzle is very fast and come pre-lubed. The GAN 354 comes with many new innovative features including a new visible capsule design and an upgraded G.E.S system, along with many features borrowed from its bigger brother (the SM), such as the honeycomb design on the internals of the cubies. 

Weight: 82g
Approx Size: 5.4cm x 5.4cm x 5.4cm
Available Colours: Stickerless Bright


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All of our twisty puzzles & Rubik's Cubes are brand new. Due to the nature of these puzzles they may become loose after the first hour or so of playing/twisting. Don't be alarmed, most puzzles allow you to 'Re-Adjust' them and set them up exactly as you want them. Simply read our "How to adjust your cube" blog for instructions on how to do this.

Please Note: Not all puzzles allow adjusting.

Confused on how this puzzle works? Watch the video below for a quick preview.

Customer Reviews

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Great product

My son loved this product and it came in a lovely presentation box

Gan 354 love it

I am fairly new to cubing and average 40-50 seconds. I have been using the GTS3M since February and really liked it.

However, for my tastes the GAN 354 beat the GTS3M in every way. It is smoother, quieter, the magnets are not quite as strong making it easier to turn, it is very stable and the colours are easier to spot (particularly during F2L. The slightly smaller size is noticeable but only when you pick up a bigger cube.

It was ok out of the box, but was a little dry. I swapped out the spring for the strongest. Then dismantled and cleaned to remove the factory lube. I used weight30 in the core and Lubicle 1 on the pieces.

I really like this cube and my averages have reduced by a solid five seconds. I was on course to knock nearly 10 second of my pb until I got too excited and messed up a U perm of all things.

Kewbz gave a very quick and reliable service. No doubt I will get the itch for a new cube soon and I know where to go. The 354 will be hard to beat.

Very good


1 x GAN 354 M

I love this. Great for one-handed use.

Mother of cuber

Joesph asks for cubes and lube, I buy them and he murmurs best cube ever and competition cube, so good cubes I think