MoYu AoSu 4x4 GTS2 M

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Thomas Rice
Brilliant 4x4

This cube needed some setting up out of the box and at first I wasn’t thrilled but after adjusting the tensioning and lubing it with a thin coat of weight 5 (cubicle) and then some Cosmic Lunar. It only took a couple of solves to settle in and it honestly turns like a 3x3, my main 3x3 is the Gan 11 M pro and I actually prefer turning this cube on occasion.

I will say that I have bigger hands so the larger size is preferred by me over the WRM or smaller 4x4s but either way I don’t think anyone would be disappointed with this cube.

Andy Lewis
Great cube!

Reviewing the stickerless version.

I have no basis for comparison, as this is my first 4x4x4 (well - I owned an original Rubiks when they first came out, but as that was over 30 years ago, I'm not sure that counts), but the turning on this is beautiful, magnets are nice (centre magnets feel a bit stronger than the edge ones, which made sense to me once I actually started thinking about it)

Feels quite heavy - but then I'm used to 3x3 (and I like the weight anyway)

Anyway - TLDR - great cube, good value - well worth it.

George Carpenter
Best 4x4 without a doubt

I've been using a non-magnetic version of this puzzle for some time now but try as I might I've never been able to consistently get my averages below a minute, within a day of owning the magnetic version however, I did just that.

Awesome cube, everything about it is perfect.

Ao5: 57.35
1. 59.05
2. 59.71
3. (1:00.86)
4. (46.21)
5. 53.27

Great puzzle spoilt with imperfections (stickered)

The cube itself is great, turns nicely, feels good in the hands, a nice weight etc. The issue I had is thatlike someone else the stickered version came poorly applied and scuffed. For a more premium cube it's a shame and instantly took away that new feel.

As for kewbz themselves of course that's not their fault.

Phil K
Best 4x4? Probably!

Bought the stickerless variety to try a magnetic 4x4. What a contrast to my WuQue (which was right old disappointment). This is smooth, light and a joy to turn straight out of the box. It’s so good I can almost forgive the rather gruesome shades on a couple of the faces. Top notch service from KewbzUK too.

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