DianSheng Solar S3M Plus

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Customer Reviews

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Ryan T.
Incredible Cube for the Price!

I bough this cube to replace my old main cube (GAN 11 M) since I had a really bad experience with that cube.

TLDR: Well balanced cube, great shipping service, good corner cutting and smooth feel.

Shipping was great, only came 3 days after I ordered but the tracking didn't seem to work until the 2nd day (I don't know if that was Royal Mail's fault though). There was no damage to the cube and I really love that it comes in eco-friendly packaging with very little plastic.

Out of the box, the cube felt very smooth and quite fast with the tensions being not to my liking. The cube felt very moist and there was an abundance of factory lube all over the pieces so I imagine it would last a while before needing to be re-lubed.

I disassembled the cube to lube the core and was delighted to see a plastic cover over the spring, which eliminates all spring noise and meant that lubing the spring and screw was not necessary. I then lubed the tracks of the cube with some of Kewbz UK's Ignis lubricant to give the cube a lovely stable feel and, after wiping off most of the factory lube, added a mixture of aqua and ignis to give a great fast and slightly gummy feel.

Corner cutting is great, especially compared to my old main, with it easily managing 45 degrees and almost line to line on reverse corner cutting. The cuts aren't too snappy and corner twists aren't very common even with my aggressive turning style. I have only had one in almost a week now. The magnets aren't adjustable but at £10, I didn't expect them to be. The strength makes them noticeable but not so strong that I have to make extra effort to turn. It also comes with alternate centre pieces but I don't feel that they are necessary.

This cube definitely gives MoYu a run for their money with the RS3m, well done DianSheng.


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