GAN 356 XS

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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I absolutely love this cube. It was so nice and buttery smooth out of the box. Bit of a faff to set up, but it gives you so many different options, it is totally worth it. I also have a GAN 356 X infinity which is way more of a collectors thing, as this just feels so much better. I can't really explain how, but yeah. Definitely my main.

Very good

Cones with a stand , bag , algorithms for all the solves . Extra set up machinery. Ready to go straight out the box .

Took a chance

I had never heard of Kewbz UK, but saw all the reviews and thought this sounds really good. It was not at the top of the search, but it should be. I was super impressed with value and delivery. Ordered Sunday night and got it Wednesday with 2nd Class post - That's good.

Well, the GAN 356 XS does not disappoint. I'm not an expert, just someone with a bit of nostalgia and learning to complete a cube. I ordered the stickered version as I wanted old-school design. I was worried about the weight, but it just feels great in the hands. The turns are so smooth and once you dial it in, it's a dream to solve on. I have 4 cubes and this is definitely my favourite! I think the price here is a bargain and definitely worth what I paid for.

Thank you Kewbz for the great service.

Main KIller!!!!

I have had this cube for a year and its been my main ever since I got it. I have bought many other cubes like the valk elite and the GTS3M and this cube is still my main. Definitely recommend, great cube to buy if you have the cash.

Amazing 3x3

This 3x3 is absolutely phenomenal! It has a yummy yet fast feel and the magnets really help stabilise the cube as it's very light weight, I would say if u have the money go for it!

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