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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Decent lube

I have tried to use this as a core lube for my RS3M 2020, but the spring noise would not go away (potentially an issue of the cube rather than this lube), but I tried it again on my X-man Bell V2 Pyraminx, and it worked a treat. No spring noise after application. This lube also works as a lube for the tracks, although I haven’t experienced the controllable, sluggish feel that has been described to me by the YouTube videos. I might have to try this on my upcoming GAN 11 M Pro, and do some more comparisons and tests. It works decently with MAX Fleet, however I’m not so keen on it (go check my review on the product page). If you’re looking for a core lube, just go with Lubicle Black in my opinion. It is more expensive, but might be worth it over this.

Quiet and controllable

This really makes loud cubes like the mgc3 elite a lot quieter, while not only speeding the cube up slightly, but also adding control, somehow, not that I'm a lube expert, but I think this is a great lube, especially as your first core lube

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