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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Christian Claus
Very good cube but not my favourite.

It’s a great cube - smooth, silent and very customisable but it’s very light. I prefer my cube a bit heavier, so my 4 stars is purely personal and not a reflection on the quality, which is excellent.

bindhu sripadmanaban
Good Cube

It is a very good cube, but the only bad thing with the cube is when I put the magnet settings to 3 on all the edges, it seems like one side is another setting then the other side, but all in all, it is a very good cube at a very good price, I will definitely recommend this cube for cubers buying their first magnetic cube.

Tornado v2

Great unboxing experience, nice little box, as well as an accessories box with a multiuse tool, instructions for both solving the cube and tool use, as well as a bag, a card and a wipe. Cube colours are pretty vibrant, overall looks kind of like a Gan. White is a little creamy. Quiet OOTB, some lube on the surface of the cube. Medium settings, decently fast and pretty stable. I decided on 1 (weak) for all the settings, since even then it’s pretty stable and controllable. Haven’t lubed it yet, but have high hopes. Only cons I would think of would be the snappy corner cutting (will improve with looser tensions and lubing), and the inability to reach the core/screws for lubing.

I really like this cube,

But... It has this annoying quirk, in which some of the corners catch, when you ramp up the speed.

I've set all the corners magnets to "1", but that catching makes me think that the magnets themselves are of different strengths, that's the only theory that makes sense, as a reason for why this is catching on turns.

The corner cutting is great, M, U, R and D slices are great, but that catching, really interferes, it's probably the only downside to this cube. I've tried several different lubes on it to see if I can smooth this out, but that doesn't work.

I've considered the one I received may be defective but I've seen some others, on Insta, having the same experience, so maybe the V3, will smooth out this glitch, and they can offer us the V3 with the cost of the V2 discounted... ;)

On the positive, the colours are great.. deep, rich vibrant colours... the green is green, the orange is orange etc, there's non of the pastel tones that you get on the Valk or the Wuwei (sticker less).

It's super easy to make adjustments so you can personalize it to work for your cubing style.

It's a really quiet cube, so if you're in a room with someone who is silently going insane at the hours of cubing you do, buying this will be an act of kindness. Also it's great if you're cubing on public transport or in waiting rooms, or wherever. Personally I feel a quiet cube is an indication that the makers have somewhat mastered friction, more proof of this is how quick this cube is, I mean it's fast.

Hand feel is good. the plastic quality is great and the finish is somewhere between frosted and shiny. It's also smaller than the standard size cube, this one is about 55mm - I like this a lot.

All in all I'd say buy this, this cube really proves that you don't need to pay premium price to get the premium feel.

Charles de Meillon

Switching over from a YuXin Little Magic M and have to say, this is a premium puzzle. The adjustment system is brilliant, easy to use and affective. Corner cutting feels snappy, and is not great but because the magnets can be set so strong you can't overshoot or undershoot. It can corner cut well 45 degrees reverse and normal. The tension system is super simple and comes with a screwdriver with four different attachments. Overall, a great cube and would highly recommend to all cubers.

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