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Please Note: We are currently only offering this social sponsorship with YouTube channels. 

Want some money back on your order?

We've decided to start running social sponsorship programs. After speaking to a few influencer's and little business' we've decided to offer a discount to anybody who wants to be classed as a 'KewbzUK Social Media Sponsor'.

What does this mean, you ask? A KewbzUK Social Media Sponsor will receive a set % of their order back based on the number of YouTube/Instagram subscribers (or followers) they have on that social platform. 

How do you apply to become a social media sponsor?

To apply, simply fill out the sponsorship form by clicking the button below. We will add your details to our list and you can start saving £££ on every order!

How does it work?

Okay, so you've filled out the form (by clicking the button above) and now you want to know how you can get started. Simply place an order for anything you want. As soon as your order is delivered, grab a camera and start shooting. We LOVE watching un-boxing videos and hearing (and seeing) what people think of our service   :)

Simply make an un-boxing video along with a little review of your new puzzles with links to the products which you purchased. Make sure to mention us "KewbzUK" in the description and in the video.

Once you've published the video to YouTube/Facebook or wherever it may be, pop back here and fill in the form below with all of the details shown on the form. We will then (within 48 hours) credit your beans loyalty points account with a set % of your original order. (See table below for % rates).

How much will I earn back per video?

Once you have uploaded your video to YouTube simply use the form below to let us know you've uploaded it and we will process the refund to your Beans account according to your subscriber count at the time of publishing based on the % rates above.

Please Note: We are currently only offering this social sponsorship with YouTube channels. 

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