Broken & damaged

If you are looking to return your puzzle, the process is easy. Simply give us an email ( or and let us know your order number and reason for the return. If your puzzle is broken upon arrival you can return your puzzle for a replacement, ask for a partial refund or keep the puzzle. If a refund is requested the total amount will be refunded once the puzzle has been returned to us. All partial refunds are under the discretion of KewbzUK and we will not always be able to offer this. If your order contains more than one item and one of the items are broken, we will only accept returns for the broken items, all other items which are not broken will be classed as UNWANTED and refunded based on the rules below.


If you are looking to return an unwanted puzzle, that is fine as well. Just give us a little heads up by emailing us ( or and let us know your order number and what you are returning. In this instance we will only refund the puzzle price - 10% for packaging and general costs associated with shipping the order (for example - If you wanted to return a puzzle worth £19.99 + £3 postage, we would only refund £17.99 (19.99-10%) and the buyer would also have to pay the return postage. Please be sure all puzzles are correct before ordering.

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