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We would like to know what kind of speed cubes and puzzles you would like to see at KewbzUK!

We need your help!

Please use the questionnaire form [RIGHT] to let us know what you would like to see on our website. 

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Hussain Iqbal - Jan 22, 2018

This shop is amazing, but it has one very big flaw, you don’t have all the necessary cubes! You have stickers and magnetic conversion kits but that doesn’t matter if I can’t find the cubes I want, other than that I hope you can continue to grow and maintain his amazing shop

Iftekhar Ahmed - Jan 22, 2018

I have been buying many puzzles from your company with another account and I have been looking at your website and I have a suggestion, 3×3’s such as the Yuxieao Pro 3×3 and the Yuxin Little Magic should be sold on you website as well

Iftekhar Ahmed

aaron Cumes - Jan 28, 2018

Good job mate. Really good customer service and speedy delivery.

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