How to Solve a 4x4 (Parity) - Algorithms & Videos

Let's learn how to solve parity on a 4x4 cube such as the GAN 460M or the QiYiWuQue (obviously this guide is for all 4x4 puzzles and not just these 2 examples).

4x4 OLL Parity Case 1

r2 B2 U2 l U2 r' U2 r U2 F2 r F2 l' B2 r2

4x4 PLL Parity Case 1

(Uu)2 (Ll)2 U2 l2 U2 (Ll)2 (Uu)2

       4x4 PLL Parity Case 2

L2 D (Ff)2 (Ll)2 F2 l2 F2 (Ll)2 (Ff)2 D' L2 

4x4 PLL Parity Case 3

(Uu)2 (Ll)2 U2 l2 U2 (Ll)2 (Uu)2 F' U' F U F R' F2 U F U F' U' F R 

4x4 PLL Parity Case 4

(Uu)2 (Ll)2 U2 l2 U2 (Ll)2 (Uu)2 R U' L U2 R' U R L' U' L U2 R' U L' U 


Juan Christie - Jun 22, 2018

Absolutely Brilliant!

Geert Snatersen - May 15, 2019

The movies are not correct, i had de OLL parity but can’t watch it.
(and i dont het de I or | in the rotation text)
So no help for me here :(

problem 1
movie about problem 2
problem 2
movie about problem 3
problem 3
movie about problem 4
problem 4
movie about problem 5
problem 5
movie about problem 5

Geert Snatersen - May 15, 2019

nevermind about the I (big i) or | (divider), it was of cource an l (small L)
but the point about the wrong embedded clips still stands :)

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