How to Solve a Pyraminx

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Do you want to learn how to solve a Pyraminx? Then you are on the right page. We have personally helped thousands of cubers solve their Pyraminx.

We are going to assume that you have no previous knowledge of solving a Pyraminx or any type of pyramid shaped puzzle and make this a completely beginner focused tutorial.


L - Turn the Left part of the Pyraminx (as shown in the image above).

U - Turn the Top part of the Pyraminx (as shown in the image above).

R - Turn the Right part of the Pyraminx (as shown in the image above).

There are 3 basic notations for the Pyraminx puzzle (using this beginners method). Once you start to get a little better at solving the Pyraminx you can move on to learn the Keyhole method (which includes the back layer too and "B" included in the notations, but we will get to that one day). 

L, R and U mean to rotate that part of the puzzle Clockwise.

L', R' and U' mean to rotate that part of the puzzle Counter-Clockwise.

Pyraminx Notation

If the above text on learning the correct notation for the Pyraminx confuses you then simply watch the video we have made to the left and see if that clears up any confusion. 

Step 1 - Solving the tips

In Step 1 we will learn how to solve the tips of the Pyraminx. This is a VERY easy step and does not really warrant much of a guide.

Step 1 - Video

Simply look around your puzzle and match 3 tips. This is extremely easy and can be done in seconds with practise. Once you have completed this step you can move on to step 2 were we will learn how to solve a little bit more of the Pyraminx.

Step 2 - solving some more

Simply turn the 3 layers (U, R and L) until the inner blue pieces are solved like the image to the left. You may have to twist the tips back around after this step.

Step 2 - Video

This is again, a very easy step. We could of combined Step 1 and 2 into 1 step but we think its easier to completely split it up. If you are struggling with this step just watch the video (left) and hopefully it will shed some light on the correct procedure. Once your puzzle looks like the image above you can move on to step 3.

Step 3 - Finishing the Blues

Now that we have the edges and tips solved we can move on to solving the rest of the blue side. We have broken this down into easy to follow bullet points. 

  1. Place your Pyraminx on a table of flat surface with the blue side down.
  2. The tips show which colour that face should be (if both tips facing you on the bottom layer are red, that is the red side and so on).
  3. With one hand, spin your whole Pyraminx until you find the blue and red piece.
  4. There are 3 cases you will have:

Case 1:

The Blue/Red piece to the left.

U' L' U L

Case 2:

The Blue/Red piece to the right.

U R U' R'

Case 3:

The Blue/Red piece needs to be flipped.

R U R'   (then case 1)

Simply follow the above steps (with all the blue pieces) until the blue face on your Pyraminx is completely solved.

Step 3 - Video

This step is a little bit harder than the first 2 steps, but it is still an easy once you know how to perform the moves correct and understand the process. Simply watch the video if you don't understand the above text guide.

Step 4 - The second Layer

In step 4 we turn our attention to the 2nd layer of the Pyraminx. I hope so far that you find this guide easy to use and understand. Please do contact us if you are having any problems at all and we will try our best to help you solve your Pyraminx with 1 on 1 help.

Anyway, lets move on.

    1.  Place your Pyraminx back onto a table with the blue side down.
    2. With any colour facing you perform U moves until one of the pieces on the second layer is in the correct position and at the back of the puzzle (like the image below.

(Make sure the piece at the back on the second layer is in the correct place - shown here by the Yellow/Green piece).

  1. In the Image above the Blue face is on a table and we are looking down on the Pyraminx. As you can see the Green/Yellow piece is at the back and in the correct place. The front 2 piece on the second layer (Green/Red & Yellow/Red) just need to be switched.
  2. Hold your Pyraminx so the the solved piece is at the back and the 2 pieces to be switched are at the front facing you (blue face still on the bottom) and perform the algorithm: L R' L' R U R U' R'
  3. For  some of you this will solve your Pyraminx. For other we still have a few more little bits to do.
  4. Place your Pyraminx back on the table with the blue side down.
  5. Perform U moves until your Pyraminx matches the image below (with only 3 pieces on the 3rd layer which need to be cycled).

(3 Pieces to be cycled - Red/Green/Yellow).

Step 4 - Video

Here we have a little video showing you how to perform all stages of step 4 in an easy to follow video tutorial.

Step 5 - Solving the rest

This is a very easy step and if you already know how to solve a 3x3 Rubik's Cube then you will recognise the following algorithm. Let's crack on and solve this puzzle!

    1. Make sure your blue face is on the bottom of the Pyraminx and your Pyraminx looks like the image above (3 pieces to be cycled on the top layer).
    2. Hold your Pyraminx with any face facing you (as long as the blue side is still on the bottom).
    3. if your pieces need to be cycled clockwise we use a different algorithm as to what we use if they need to be cycled anti-clockwise.
    4. Use the following algorithms to solve your Pyraminx once you have established if your 3 pieces need to be cycled clockwise or anti-clockwise.
    5. Clockwise - R U R' U R U R'
    6. Anti-Clockwise -  L' U' L U' L' U' L
    7. Now, you just have to solve any tips they are twisted incorrectly and your Pyraminx should be solved.

Step 5 - Video

Your puzzle should be completed after performing this step!

Thank you for reading our "How to solve a Pyraminx" tutorial guide. Hopefully this has found you solving your Pyraminx and impressing your family or friends. Please do share this guide if you found it helpful in any way.


Henry - Oct 29, 2017

Great tutorial. The method is really easy. But, sometimes when I get to step 4, I cannot perform substep 3: “Perform U moves until one of the 3 pieces on the upper layer is in the correct position”
This happens when there is no such U move.

In that case, I just do the step 4 algorithm: L R’ L’ R U R U’ R’ and try again. Eventually it all works out.

Perhaps, there is a smarter way though?

Confoused - Dec 02, 2017

Why is the shap of a tryangke? it should be a square

Bex - Dec 26, 2017

Absolutely brilliant tutorial!! I got the pyraminx for Christmas and have been looking for a tutorial since. This was the only one that made any sense whatsoever. So clear. Thankyou so much it was great help!!:)

Red_Fire - Mar 28, 2018

It’s confusing, but helpful. Much better than the other YouTube videos. Still trying my best. Uhhhhhg! Arrrrrrrrrrh!

Mark Hargrove - Jun 22, 2018

Cleanest, most fool-proof explanation I’ve seen for the Pyraminx. Thanks.

New Orleans, Louisiana USA

shantanu kapse - May 17, 2018

Too good bro I learned it in 15 mins

Shriyans Kumar - May 30, 2018

thank u very much
your videos helped me to solve my pyraminx

Trushna - Jul 09, 2018

Thank you for algorithms. I solved with help of it

James - Sep 13, 2018

Would be able to solve if step 4 was more clear. Please Can you make it more clear

Kiran Gole - Oct 09, 2018

Great Tutorial!!!!!

Solved it on first go. Very easy to understand.

Thank You very much.

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