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If there was only 1 skewb on the market, I would hope it would be this. This skewb comes pre-lubed and has standard QiYi shades, which contrast very nicely with the black base of the puzzle. Being magnetic makes the Wingy skewb extra stable and easily controllable, whilst the concave design gives a very unique feel that makes the cube fit your hands perfectly and also making it easier to grip than other skewb puzzles. 

Personally, I believe the X-Man Wingy to be perfect for any cuber, from beginners to world class skewb solvers. It feels super soft while solving, unlike other puzzles which come across as quite harsh/violent.

X-Man Wingy Skewb

What About the magnets?

The X-Man Wingy Skewb has 24 magnets strategically placed to make for a whole new experience in magnetic puzzling. The magnets placed in this puzzle are great when turning slowly, but when turning quickly become barely noticeable, which to me provides a better solving experience. 

Overall, this skewb is fast, smooth and doesn’t pop, meaning you shouldn’t really have to worry about centre pieces popping off during a solve. Would I recommend this? Of course! This is easily the best skewb on the market (at time of writing) and has definitely become my new main!

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