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When I ordered the QiYi WuHua 6x6 I had high expectations. I owned a Valk already and really enjoyed it, so my hope was that the 6x6 would feel the same as the Valk. When it first arrived it was a bit sluggish in comparison, but I soon broke it in and it became a lot faster.

QiYi WuHua 6x6 V1

QiYi WuHua 6x6 V2

This was my first 6x6, and still is,  so I cannot compare it to anything else, but I would recommend this puzzle any day. The corner cutting is over 45 degrees on an outer layer and the reverse is about half a cubie on the outer layer. If you corner cut with 3 layers, it can cut one cubie, and there is no reverse corner cutting. 

After a few days of solving I whipped out the Maru lube and the cube instantly sped up. It didn’t feel sluggish like it used to, and I realised the power and difference that one little drop of lubricant can do to such a high quality puzzle. One of the only problems with this puzzle is that it can get some nasty lockups, this has only happened to me once though, and could have been a PB by over two minutes, but I ended up getting just over 1 minute faster than my current personal best.

In Conclusion

If you want a 6x6, this is a great cube to start with as it has the right balance between unstable and tight. This cube is definitely worth the price.

The WuHua uses the standard Qiyi shades, which I think look very aesthetically pleasing, and the weight is just right, weighing  in at 190 grams, this coupled with an edge length of 63mm makes it, in my opinion, the perfect 6x6 cube.

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