MoYu MeiLong 4x4 & 4x4 M Review

(A Review by SpeedCubeCritic)

Name:   Meilong 4x4 (M)
Price:   £6.99

Size:   59mm

Weight:   101 grams
Availability:   Black / Stickerless Bright

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MoYu MeiLong 4x4 Cube Review by KewbzUK. The UK's Number 1 Speed Cube Shop.

Initial Reactions (Out of the box)

Immediately upon removing the cube from its box I realised it is a very compact 4x4. At only 59mm, this cube is smaller than regular 4x4’s, such as the as the 62mm Wuque as well as some mini 4x4’s. It features bright stickerless shades, with their lighter red and paler green. I personally like the frosted plastic texture of the cube.

Upon turning, the cube began to lockup. My inaccurate turning, tighter tensions and inexperience with 4x4’s may have added to this, but I saw potential. The tensioning out of the box was fairly tight, but I prefer this over receiving a cube with loose tensions since pops are not easily corrected by beginners and tensions can be easily modified.

I began with a few solves and algorithms and I really enjoyed the effortless and smooth turning of this puzzle. Despite this being my first 4x4, I could tell the turning of this puzzle was above average, impressive bearing in mind this cube is only £6.99. The inner layers were slower than the outer layers but I was sure that this would go away after lubricating and breaking in. I was aware that performance would change drastically by loosening the tensions, but I did a few solves to accurately gauge the performance before setup to compare after setup.

Summary (Before Setup)

  • Very Compact
  • Like the frosted plastic
  • Tensions are Tight (OOTB)*
  • Very Smooth


To setup this cube, I used 50,000 cst Silicone Differential Oil, which is equivalent to Traxxas 50K since it is what’s readily available in the UK at my local hobby store and online. I decided to leave magnetising for later and assess the performance both with and without magnets for direct comparison.

After setup, this cube is phenomenal. I have no other 4x4’s to compare this to, but the cube is effortless to turn and, as anticipated, the lockups minimised drastically compared to out of the box. With the looser tensions, corner cutting improved and the lubricant removed friction between the frosted pieces, increasing its speed and durability. The inner layers are now much faster due to the lube. I scrambled the cube as 2x2 and as a 3x3 and did some solves, since as a beginner I would be unable to accurately measure the performance of this cube with slow turning.

Setup Overview

  • Lubricated core and springs with 50,000cst Diff Oil
  • Small amount of lube on pieces
  • Loosened tensions by half turn on all sides
  • Did a few solves to break in the lube
  • Increased corner cutting and speed
  • Lockups are now rare and due to my own inaccurate turning
  • Reduced friction between pieces
  • Inner layers now similar to outer

Break In

After a few hundred 4x4 solves, this cube is still going strong. The puzzle, as expected, is improving with break in and lube lasts very long in this cube. The cube has a more consistent feel throughout the layers, and I am yet to experience any pops. The turning is still as light as it was out of the box, with an excellent speed-to-stability balance, although adding magnets will result in drastic increases in performance.


To magnetise this cube, I used 48 4x2 N35 in the outer layers and 48 4x1 N35 in the inner layers. This is the first cube I have magnetised and was aware the magnets in the inner layers of even NxN puzzles have to be doubled in order for the polarities to be correct. I took care in ensuring the magnets were pushed as deep within the edge pieces as possible to prevent the cube from having a distinct bump between turns, although this can be modified to suit your particular magnet preferences.

After magnetisation, I did several more solves to analyse the cube’s performance. Due to the magnets providing extra stability, I was able to loosen the tensions by a further eight of a turn, thus improving cornercutting and speed.

This cube is now even better than before with improved cornercutting, speed and stability. Despite my inexperience with 4x4, I can see some intermediate and possibly some higher-level speed solvers using this in competitions. Even at these looser tensions, I am yet to experience a pop and lockups are rare.

Final Thoughts

At only £6.99, this cube is supposed to be aimed at beginner 4x4 speedsolvers. I had seen very positive reviews of this product from other cubers and influencers, who also magnetised theirs and were impressed with the results. Receiving the product for myself, I was surprised at the performance of this cube from out of the box, as well as how the smaller size can be so beneficial to the handling of this cube.

As the first 4x4 I currently own, I will definitely not need an upgrade in hardware for a while. I would definitely recommend picking up even as a higher-level speed solver since it’s an inexpensive and high performance 4x4 – especially once magnetised. For 4x4 speedcubers who are interested in magnetising and setting up their own puzzle, this is the perfect base cube to start with.