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When ordering this cube I had high expectations, I had heard about how good it was, but was nervous about how good it would actually be. Well... What can I say? Upon my first turns it had exceeded my expectations, this cube is buttery smooth and corner cuts almost anywhere, whilst reverse cuts are from line to line. The Gans SM uses the standard full bright Gan shades, which I personally love, and the shades contrast each other well. You cannot get confused between which colour is which, helping decrease mistakes in solves. 

Gans 356 Air SM

Two days after getting this cube, I broke my PB by over 1 second, and my one handed PB by over 6 seconds. The cube works great for one handed solves, as the magnets provide great stability. I used the Gans 356 Air SM to compete in UK Championships 2017 just a few days after I got it.

One thing that I love about this cube is that there are so many possible ways to set it up. I have tried the blue, green, yellow and purple GES nuts and find loose tensions with blue nuts work the best for me. This cube can be set up for any turning style.

I used this cube to set my current pb of 9.46, and have used it for several other sub 10 solves. When lubed with Maru, the cube speeds up and becomes a powerful cube with enough stability.

My only problem with the Gans SM is that I have experienced a few pops, this may not affect many people, but it has affected a few of my solves.

The cube has squared off corners, reducing the chance of corner twists and the honeycomb design allows for lube to spread around the cube easier.

Overall, this is great out of the box, and doesn’t lose its speed after thousands of solves. If you have the money, buy this cube. It certainly won’t disappoint and will probably become your new main!

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