Best Selling Pyraminx Puzzles Reviewed

Are you after a Pyraminx? Not sure which one to get? Not that into speed cubing, but still want decent speeds? 

We at KewbzUK want you to know exactly what you are buying before you buy it. Different people have different likes and dislikes, so you need all the facts to make a proper decision.

Why buy a Rubik's Cube if you have no intention of learning to solve it? Am I right? and why learn to solve it if you don't eventually want to learn to solve it quicker (like, in under 30 seconds?) 

There are so many questions, but they all boil down to one... "What is the best, most reliable, quickest, Pyraminx puzzle for a beginner?"

So.... If you are here, reading this, you are obviously just lost... Or your looking to purchase a Pyraminx puzzle but you're not too sure which one to get? We are going to have a look at our favourite, and find out what the people or the world like most. Now, just before we get into detail, we must let you know that there are FAR too many manufacturers of Pyraminx in the whole of the world so we have only chosen 4 to review. We do sell all 4 on the website (subject to stock) so have a browse and have some fun at the same time.


QJ Pyraminx

Slow & Lacks Character, Great for Beginners

50-80 seconds solves on average

The QJ Pyraminx was a great disappointment upon first use. I myself LOVE the Pyraminx. I believe them to be one of the most fun twisty puzzles on the market today. The QJ puzzle however, just didn't cut it for me. The puzzle lacks a certain character, It may sound weird, but I have a weird 'bond' with all my cubes, they are like my friends (and that sounds creepy, but true), but the QJ Pyraminx is more of a lonely puzzle, it has no friends and doesnt want to be twisted. Don't get me wrong it is great for beginners and people just getting to grips with the ways of the Pyraminx, just dont expect any great times.

Buy it here


Cyclone Boys Pyraminx

Light, Manoeuvrable, Great for Beginners

30-60 second solves on average

Much like the QJ, the Cyclone Boys Pyraminx is just perfect for beginners, but dont expect any decent timed solves. Perfect for the beginners to practise on and get to grips with (just like the QJ) but at a slightly higher price, it is definnetely the better of the two. The faces 'Flick' nicely and there is no friction when twisting (unlike the QJ). If you can solve a Pyraminx and just want to improve your times by 10-20 seconds, choose the Cyclone Boys Pyraminx and enjoy. 

Currently Unavailable.


ShengShou Pyraminx

Light, Easy to Flick, Great for Intermediates - Experts

10-25 second solves on average

The ShengShou Pyraminx has rapidly become one of our best selling puzzles here at KewbzUK. ShengShou have really struck gold with there take on the infamous pyramid design. With great flicking potential and the ability to get a sub 30 time, they are on to a winner. If you are looking to decrease your times and impress your friends, try a ShengShou...

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MoFangGe Pyraminx

Light, Manoeuvrable, Great for Intermediates - Experts

5-15 second solves on average

Now, Lots of people are going to read this and call me mad, but then again, the figures don't lie. The quickest, most durable, well priced Pyraminx puzzle on the market (out of the 4 reviewed) was the MoFangGe brand. It is my favourite too and well worth a twist. MoFangGe have really out done them selves. Their take on the Pyraminx was just perfect, with everything a speed cuber looks for taken into account. Even I can get times of nearly 15 seconds with this MFG puzzle. The way the corners interlock, the way the faces twist and turn, everything just comes together and really makes this stand out as one of the top dogs in the market.

Buy it here

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