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When Professor Erno Rubik first invented the cube back in 1974, he never would have believed the popularity that his wacky little twisty puzzle would achieve. Now, some 40 years later, more than 350 million cubes and puzzles have been sold, and it still continues to be the best selling toy of all time. From the standard 3x3 Rubiks Cubes that the world has come to know and love, to the impressive big brother, the 4x4.

What makes the Rubiks Cube such an addictive, compelling puzzle? Seeing the bright, mixed colours upon the confused face of an un-solved, scrambled Rubiks Cube immediately grabs anybody’s attention, you know what must be done. With a twist and a turn and a few more moves, you think you're in with a fighting chance to complete this mysterious puzzle, yet, without proper instruction it is nigh on impossible to solve.

Now, the makers of the world's best selling toy have really gone out of their way to bring us all a "Hole" new puzzle, The Void Cube. In their words - "A HOLE new puzzle with a HOLE new challenge". With shaved corners and a hole through the centre, this truly is the new generation of twisty puzzles. The challenge seems simple enough; create 1 ring on each side made solely of one continuous colour. Yet in practice, having millions of different combinations and trying to find only one solution... this one will blow your mind!

So whether you are on the hunt for retro speed cubes such as the traditional Rubiks Cube, or perhaps you are looking for the modern day equivalent like the Void Cube, we stock a wide range of magic puzzles all available to buy online with prompt delivery available across the UK.

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