New Products in stock - March 2017

We are pleased to introduce some new products that we now have in stock. They have been a long time coming but are finally here. KewbzUK are pleased to announce our latest additions to the family which follow below.

The MoYu WeiLong GTS is a remake of the original WeiLong from popular speed cube manufacturer MoYu. You can purchase this amazing 3x3 speed cube by following this link.

Here we have the DianSheng 2-Layer Square-1 (or Magic Dart as it is also known). This is not as such a new puzzle for us to stock as we have always stocked it in white, but never black. We thought we would showcase this product in this blog as it has already taken off with amazing sales on its first day! You can get your own DianSheng Magic Dart here.

Next on the list is a completely new 2x2 cube to us. Its the GuoGuan XingHen 2x2. This 2x2 puzzle cube was released under the name GuoGuan from the MoYu puzzle manufacturer. Upon receiving the sample I instantly fell in love and action beat my personal best with my first test run. You can buy your own GuoGuan XingHen here.

I know, I Know... Some of you will of read the previous paragraph and thought "Well where is the 3x3 version". I present you, the MoYu GuoGuan Yuexiao - one of MoYus first releases under the GuoGuan brand. The GuoGuan Yuexiao has really taken off with many speed cubers using this particular puzzle as their main 3x3. Fancy owning your own? Just follow this link.

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