We love to hear and see what you think of the puzzles you receive from KewbzUK. Unboxing's are a great way to show others your personal thoughts, and visualising what they would like to add to their collection. They are also a fun way to pass time on those rainy winter days.

Here at KewbzUK we are keen to get more people videoing their unboxing's and showing the world what each puzzle is about. This January we are going to give anyone who does a KewbzUK unboxing, 10% of your order refunded in to your Beanz account. 

In order for you to qualify for your Beanz rewards, you will need to post your video on one of your social media accounts. Making sure to @ us in the description, and use relevant hashtags if your posting on instagram or twitter.

You will receive your rewards on the 3rd February 2019. 

Happy Unboxing! 

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