GAN 11 M Pro UV Coated delays

Hey Cubers, 

We have just received word that GAN are experiencing delays with their UV coated version of the brand new GAN 11 M Pro. We have not had an exact date on release just yet. However, there have been rumours that this may be until late November. If you would like to swap your UV Coated GAN 11 M Pro to either the Soft Texture version or the original version then please let us know be emailing us at with your full name and original order number. Please also let us know if you would like to swap to a soft texture, Black internals 11 M Pro or primary internals 11 M Pro.

We are so sorry for any inconvenience and hope that GAN can rectify any issues ASAP and start production in time for Christmas. 

Please note: This is a worldwide issue and is related to production issues at the GAN factory.

- The KewbzUK Team

Update -  25th November 2020: 

We've heard from GAN that the soft texture will (hopefully) be released next week. Whilst the UV version still has no official release date. Hopefully we can expect to see the UV version in time for Christmas!

Update -  5th December 2020: 

Okay, We have had another update from GAN. The Soft Texture versions are looking like they will be ready around 10-15th of December whilst the UV Coated versions have experienced another delay and will not be ready until late december. If you have ordered the UV Coated 11 M Pro (or soft texture) and wish to swap this for the 11 M Pro version then please drop us an email at ASAP. 

We are sorry for any inconvenience. Sometimes when running pre-orders, delays and issues can occur that our out of our control. 

If purchasing as a Christmas present please note that the soft texture MAY be with you in time although there have already been 2/3 delays, as for the UV version, it is highly unlikely to be released in time for Christmas.  :(

- The KewbzUK Team

Update -  8th December 2020: 

Our GAN 11 Pro M (soft Texture) order has been released and we should arrive around Monday the 14th of December. If you wish to swap your UV Coated cube to a Soft Texture or standard 11 M Pro please let us know ASAP. Thank you so much for your co-operation and understanding 😊

- The KewbzUK Team

Update -  18th December 2020: 

Our GAN 11 Pro M (Soft Textures) are in stock and all pre-orders have now been shipped. (You can purchase them here). The GAN UV will be released any day and should be in with us just after Christmas. Wohooo. 

- The KewbzUK Team