Feliks Demdegs New Rubik's Cube World Record - 4.73 seconds

We have huge news in the cubing world today. Feliks Zemdegs (from Australia) has broken the current world record (which was held by Mats Valk for just 5 weeks) during the 3x3x3 speed cube event of the POPS Open competition in Melbourne Australia. 

This is now the fourth sub-5 seconds Rubik's Cube record set in the past 13 months. Hyo-Min Seo set the first sub-5 record back with an amazing time of 4.94 seconds in August at the Korean Championship, held in Daejeon, Korea.

The second sub-5 Rubik's Cube world record was then snatch from Hyo-Min Seo by Lucas Etter at the River Hill Fall Open back in November last year with a time of 4.90 seconds (just 0.04 seconds quicker than that of his predecessor).

We then move on to Mats Valk (creator of the Valk 3x3x3) from the Netherlands. Mats managed to steal the title of 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube world champion from Lucas with an astonishing time of just 4.74 seconds at the Jawa Timur Open in early November this year. 

However, Today. The 11th of December 2016. At the POPS Open in Melbourne, Australia. Feliks Zemdegs showed us all that he means business. The Australian born speed cuber stole the show with an impeccable time of 4.73 seconds (1/00 of a seconds quicker than Mats Valks previous world record).

Want to see Feliks Demdegs stealing the 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube world record from Mats Valk? Well, now you can. Enjoy! 


By the look on Mats face we don't think he is very happy about Feliks' new record. Atleast he is a good sport. Congratulations, Feliks. 

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