DaYan TengYun 2M - The Future of 2x2 Cores?

The TengYun 2M was released this in August 2021. A new flagship 2x2 from DaYan and features an interesting new magnetic adjustment system not previously seen in any 2x2 cubes thus far. 

Unlike other 2x2's on the market, the TengYun 2M Plus features an adjustable magnet system inside the center core piece on each of the faces.  

Not only does the TengYun 2M feature core-center magnets, it also boasts the standard Corner/Corner magnets as standard. That's a whopping 80+ magnets. 

What does this mean for future 2x2? 

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Tech Specs....

- Solution Pamphlet
- Instruction Manual
- Magnet Adjuster
- Screwdriver
- DaYan Cube Pouch