Square-1 Guides & Tutorials

View our full range of Square-1 walkthrough guides and tutorials. KewbzUK have created an online portal of all things twisty puzzle. From correctly tensioning a square-1 to Square-1 notation of even just learning how to solve a Square-1.

Square-1 Notation Guide

Learn notation specific to Square-1 with this in depth guide.

Square-1 Beginners Walkthrough guide from KewbzUK

How to Solve a Square-1

Learn how to solve a Square-1 with this helpful tutorial.


Learn how to correctly tension a Square-1 with this handy guide.

How to assemble

Learn how to assemble a Square-1 with this detailed guide.

Core Compare

Compare some of the best (and worst) Square-1 Cores. We look at the internal core and the outer mechanism including pieces and more.