4x4 Guides & Tutorials

View our full range of 4x4 walkthrough guides & tutorials. KewbzUK are pleased to offer a full range of solution guides and walkthroughs for the 4x4 speedcube. We are always looking to add more guides, if you have a recommendation please do email us at


Learn the complete 4x4 notations based on the official WCA regulations.

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Know how to solve a 3x3 and want more? Learn how to solve the 4x4 with beginners method.

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Learn how to use the advanced method Yau 4 with this how to guide.

Last 2 Edges

A quick rundown of the 4x4 L2E cases and how to deal with them.


Learn how to solve 4x4 parity cases with easy to follow algorithms and videos.

Core Compare

We compare some of the best (and worst) 4x4 cores on the market currently. We take the cubes apart and show you the internal mechanism that makes these fantastic cubes twist and turn.