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View our full range of walkthrough guides and tutorials for all things 2x2. Need to learn how to solve the 2x2? Or maybe you want to get faster by learning the more advanced Ortega method. We've got a guide to help you. If we don't have a guide, simply use the comment form at the bottom of the page to let us know what it is you need help with.


Learn the correct notation for the 2x2 as set out by the official WCA regulations.

Beginners Method

Learn how to solve the 2x2 using the most basic method, the Beginners method.

Ortega Method 

Learn how to solve your 2x2 using the Ortega method (advanced method).

Getting Faster at 2x2

A rundown of some methods and advanced tricks you can utilise to get faster at 2x2.

We Recommend

Take a look at some of our favourite 2x2 speed cubes currently on the market. We look at budget cubes and top of the line speed cubes.

Core Comparison

Compare some of the best (and worst) 2x2 cores. We've taken alot of time to take photos of each individual cubes core and mechanism.

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