Best Selling Puzzles | September 2016

This is our 3rd 'Best Selling Product' article now. In our last article we listed the top 3 best selling products of August 2016 - You can read about them here. The aim of these articles is to understand what the public want on particular months of the year and spot a growing trend. If we understand what people want and when, we can then offer great deals and discount codes at specific times and months of the year.

Let's get started... As some of you know by now we will only be listing the top 3 best selling products from our website & eBay, not Amazon. In no particular order our top selling Rubik's Cubes and magic puzzles of September 2016 are as follows:


2x2x3 Tower

The 2x2x3 tower puzzle by Z-Cube was one of our best sellers during the month of September. Selling out in the first week of our delivery! If you were one of the lucky customers that got your hands on this glorious puzzle then please do leave us a review on the product page (click here). If not, buy yours today, what are you waiting for? 

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2x2x2 LanLan

Don't be fooled. This little 2x2 by LanLan really is harder than it looks. If you've never picked up a 2x2 Rubik's Cube then you are missing out. Grab the next best thing and choose the LanLan. 

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YongJun YuHu Megaminx

This monster has always been a good seller but has really taken off lately. We just can't seem to keep them on the shelves long enough. Have you tried to solve a Megaminx before? If not, you should change that.


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