Best Selling Puzzles | November 2016

This is our 5th 'Best Selling Product' article now. In our last article we listed the top 3 best selling products of October 2016. The aim of these articles is to understand what the public want on particular months of the year and spot a growing trend. If we understand what people want and when, we can then offer great deals and discount codes at specific times and months of the year.

Let's get started... As some of you know by now we will only be listing the top 3 best selling products from our website & eBay, not Amazon. In no particular order our top selling Rubik's Cubes and magic puzzles of November 2016 are as follows:


YongJun Axis V2

The YongJun Axis V2 is a new addition to our YongJun collection. Based on the original axis cube (here) it offers smoother rotational movement and a nicer feel. The V2 axis also comes with shiny vinyl stickers and not matte stickers like the V1 (original axis).

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Quick Finger 2x2x2 Gear

This particular puzzle has been in our best selling products for a couple of months now. What is it about this 2x2 gear cube that you guys love? If you have purchased one before then please leave us a review, telling us what you like and dislike about your puzzle. This is one of my favourite puzzles as well so it is nice to see it doing so well. 

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YongJun GuanLong 3x3x3

The YongJun GuanLong is one of our best selling 3x3x3 magic cube puzzles. Its cheap, smooth and can be adjusted according to your cubing style. Although its not quite on par with the world record cubes like the Valk3 or MoYu AoLong its still good enough to average sub 15 solves. 


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