Best Selling Puzzles | March 2017

Hey Guys, Now we know that we have not written a best sellers blog in a month or two, we have been so busy after Christmas sorting out all of our orders and stock. You will be seeing more blogs and write ups in almost all of our blog categories over the next few months as we sort our selves out.

Anyway, on to the blog...The aim of these articles is to understand which puzzles our customers want on particular months of the year and spot a growing trend. If we understand what people want and when, we can then offer great deals and discount codes at specific times and months of the year.

Let's get started... As some of you know by now we will only be listing the top 3 best selling products from our website & eBay, not Amazon. In no particular order our top selling Rubik's Cubes and magic puzzles of March 2017 are as follows:

LanLan 2x3x3 Pie

The LanLan 2x3x3 Pie has been a brilliant hit this month, about time we think. This puzzle does not get the credit it is due, LanLan are such a high quality puzzle manufactured these days (I mean they may not be on par with DaYan or Gans when creating speed cubes but their puzzles sure do have a lot of thought and creativity going in to the design and manufacturing).

I guess it may be time to start writing a "How to Solve" guide for this little monster.

FeiChang 2x2

The cyclone Boys FeiChang 2x2x2 magic cube has also been a great seller this month, we just haven't been able to keep it on the shelf long enough! After nearly quadrupling our normal order we are STILL selling out! Make sure to leave your reviews guys and help other cubers in making that all important decision on which 2x2 to buy.

If you have recently purchased a FeiChang 2x2 and are struggling to solve it, why not check out our amazing "How to Solve a 2x2 Rubik's Cube" walkthrough guide?

QJ Super Square-1

The QJ Super Square-1 has never been one of my personal favourite puzzles. I'm not too keen on the standard QJ shades, I think they are rather dull compared to that of the WeiLong GTS or similar puzzles. However, the puzzle itself is an interesting solve. Based on the standard Square-1 this sure is one for the pro's.

A.D Crafting Boat Puzzle

Now, this isn't the normal kind of twisty puzzle that we are known to sell, but still... We think its a great brainteaser and is sure to impress ANY puzzle mad enthusiast. Hand crafted by an expert craftsman this beautiful, unique puzzle will look great as an ornament or apart of any collection. 

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