Best Selling Puzzles | July 2016

So... We have decided to start writing about our best selling products of the month and really get to understand what our customers (you guys) like best on different months of the year. We can start to offer great deals on different products on set months and create "Bundle Deals" of all our best sellers. Sounds great!

Now, as this is the first month we are also going to give all readers of the blog a special, unique discount code for use on ANY product on our website over £10. Carry on reading to get your discount code. 

Let's get started... We will only be listing the top 3 best selling products from our website & eBay, not Amazon. In no particular order our top selling magic puzzles of July 2016 are as follows:


LanLan Super Floppy 1x3x3

The LanLan Super floppy is a wonderful little puzzle which may look simple, but don't be fooled. Perfect for beginners and experts alike this puzzle will help in understanding how twisty puzzles work and aid your progression on bigger, harder, more complex puzzles. Twisting and turning requires care, the centres (cores) are not as strong as other puzzles due to the mechanism, slow twists are recommended to avoid damage.

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ShengShou Pyraminx

Unlock the secrets of the Pyramid with this mysterious puzzle. Great price for such a high quality piece. This Pyramid shaped puzzle is great for those wanting to start learning to solve the Pyraminx. The ShengShou Pyraminx offers a very stable/sturdy feel along with strong pieces and nice, high quality stickers. Perfect for both beginners and experts or just the odd collector. 

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KewbzUK 3x3x3 Gear V2

Just a regular 3x3x3, but with a 'Twist'. With interlocking cogs and teeth this cube will require a whole new method to solve. There are many different versions of this puzzle, the V1, V2 and V3 (all of which we stock).

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