Best Selling Puzzles | December 2016

In our last article we listed the top 3 best selling products of November 2016. The aim of these articles is to understand what the public want on particular months of the year and spot a growing trend. If we understand what people want and when, we can then offer great deals and discount codes at specific times and months of the year.

Let's get started... As some of you know by now we will only be listing the top 3 best selling products from our website & eBay, not Amazon. In no particular order our top selling Rubik's Cubes and magic puzzles of December 2016 are as follows:


ShengShou Megaminx 2x2

 The ShengShou 2x2 Megaminx is new to our collection and we didn't have enough time to test it before they were all gone. Many'a customer purchase this delightful little bundle of joy during December 2016 and we know why. Doesn't it just look great? Lets hope it feels as nice as it looks. We will just have to keep one for ourselves here in the office (when we get some more in that is).

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Known for its incredible turning speed and stability the Valk3 (designed by Mats Valk and created by QiYi/MFG) is one of the leading speed cubes on the market today. Mats used his won Valk3 to set a world record back in late 2016. You to can become the best, Shop Today.

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ShengShou 5x5

The ShengShou 5x5 is one of the public's favourite cubes, and one of my favourites. Its light, turns nicely, barely ever jams or pops and you can really get some good times with it. Don't expect to get any decent times if your not using a ShengShou 5x5, not to say there are not betters ones on the market, but there are certainly a lot which are worse.


Buy Gan Speed Cube Puzzles UK Speed Cube shop
YuXin HuangLong Speed Cube Puzzles UK Puzzle Store KewbzUK
CubicleLabs Angstrom/DNM-37/Lubcicle Black Lube UK Stock, KewbzUK

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