Best Selling Puzzles | June 2017

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Below you will find our best selling speed cubes and puzzles of June 2017.

Cyclone Boys FeiChang 2x2 | UK Puzzle Store - KewbzUK

Cyclone Boys 2x2 FeiChang

The Cyclone Boys FeiChang was a very good seller during June. we're not too sure why but we wont complain. Available in stickerless pink only it definitely stops would be cheaters in their tracks, no more stickers too peel off.

YJ Guanlong Skewb

A fairly new puzzle which has taken off very well is the YongJun GuanLong Skewb. We haven't been able to keep these on our shelves long enough to even take some more photos of it! Corrr! Grab yourself a bargain with this budget puzzle.

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YuXin HuangLong Speed Cube Puzzles UK Puzzle Store KewbzUK
CubicleLabs Angstrom/DNM-37/Lubcicle Black Lube UK Stock, KewbzUK

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