Best Selling Puzzles | July 2017

Meet The Puzzles

Below you will find our best selling speed cubes and puzzles of July 2017.

Cube Style WeiTing Carbon Fibre 4x4

This is one of my favourite puzzles too, so much that i actually bought one from our first batch. Boasting brilliantly smooth, yet crisp turning for a budget cube, nice vibrant colours which contrast nicely with the carbon effect stickers and the lightweight feel of this puzzle just make for one brilliant 4x4.

QiYi Valk 3

The QiYi Valk appears on our best selling page AGAIN!! Our customers LOVE the Valk and we do too! Have you bought yours yet? Click the link below and grab yours before they're all gone.

Buy Gan Speed Cube Puzzles UK Speed Cube shop
YuXin HuangLong Speed Cube Puzzles UK Puzzle Store KewbzUK
CubicleLabs Angstrom/DNM-37/Lubcicle Black Lube UK Stock, KewbzUK

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