Best Selling Puzzles | August 2018

Here is a collection of some of our best selling Speed Cubes & Twisty puzzles of August 2018. This month it's been the battle of the 3x3's with all the recent new releases and wow it was a close one between Gan and MoYu!

Meet The Puzzles

Below you will find our best selling speed cubes and puzzles of 
August 2018.

GAN 354 3x3 M | UK Puzzle Store - KewbzUK

Gan 354 M 

This miniature 54mm 3x3 has worked its way up to the top spot this month. Cubers have been boasting it's comfortable, compact feel and how it's perfect for everyone, including one-handed solvers and the smaller handed generation. Being a magnetic cube makes it more appealing and it sure does speak volumes! Defiantly one to add to any cubers collection.

MoYu GTS 3 M 

MoYu have done it again! Another amazing cube with many new features including spring compression system and outer ridges to assist grip. This cube is naturally fast and smooth straight out the box. Along with an outstanding cube it comes with premium packaging which also forms into a cube stand and premium adjustment tools, which help you make this already amazing cube perfect for you! 

MoYu GTS3 M Speed Cube | UK Puzzle Store - KewbzUK
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CubicleLabs Angstrom/DNM-37/Lubcicle Black Lube UK Stock, KewbzUK

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