Best Selling Puzzles | April 2018

Here is a collection of some of our best selling Speed Cubes & Twisty puzzles of April 2018. The Gans Air SM Speed cube is back on our best selling list again!!! Joined by another brilliant Gans Cube. 

Meet The Puzzles

Below you will find our best selling speed cubes and puzzles of April 2018.

Gans 356 Air SM Cube | UK Puzzle Store - KewbzUK

Gans 356 Air SM

The Gans Air SM is back!! It honestly needs no explanation as to why it's here again.  This world record speed solving cube has interchanging springs with a honey comb design on each of the internal pieces for a more consistent and even spread of lube. Resulting in amazingly quick speed solves. Don't miss out on buying yours as they are always a quick sell out! 

Gans 249 V2 M 2x2

The Gans 249 V2 Magnetic is the second 2x2 speed cube released by world famous cube manufacturer, Gans. Straight out of the box the Gans 249 V2 Magnetic feels extremely light and very stable. There is no doubt about it why this cube is in our best selling! Buy yours today!

Gans 249 V2 M 2x2 Speed Cube | UK Puzzle Store - KewbzUK
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