Best Selling Lubes | August 2018

Here is a monthly update on our Best Selling Lubes of August 2018. Lubes can help speed cubers in many ways such as speeding your cube up or even slowing your cube down.

Meet The Lubes

Below you will find our best selling lubes of August 2018.

Cubicle Angstrom Compound V Lube | UK Puzzle Store - KewbzUK

Cubicle Angstrom Compound V 

On August 2nd 2018 Cubicle.US launched their all new compound lube range. Compound V is a new water-based lube designed to speed up your puzzles with just a few drops. This lube has a greater water retention to reduce bead up and repelling plastic feeling. Cubicle have also created this lube with a hint of mint aroma for some added quirkiness. We took this lube to ABHC speed cubing competition for people to try and it had an amazing response, resulting in it being our best selling lube this month! It's most certainly worth a try!


Cubicle DNM-37 

Our second most popular lube this month is another from Cubicle.US. This is another one of their water-based lubes, that gives your cube a new lease of life, specially formulated to absorb and retain moisture which allows it to remain effective for a long time and plenty of solves. DNM-37 has been designed for puzzles of all shapes and sizes! This lube certainly isn't for the faint hearted, buy yours now and hold on tight! 

Cubicle DNM-37 Lube | UK Puzzle Store - KewbzUK
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